The New Website is Online

by Game Knights MA

Welp, it's finally here, a new and vastly improved website for the store. There is a lot you can do now with this website and we hope to take advantage of more features as we progress through 2020. This website should become your stop location for all things Game Knights. Let me show you just some of the features that are already available to you with its launch.

First, you probably want to start by setting up an account with this website. This will allow you to, right off the bat, check your store credit and orders with us, sign up for events, and purchase products from us online. More features will come over time and we will keep you posted on what new things your account will be able to do on this website.

Next, we highly encourage you to check out our events on a regular basis. We will be updating them weekly and will be migrating over from Facebook to this site for our events moving forward.

Lastly, as mentioned above you can purchase products from us online now if you have an account. As the weeks go by BJ will be updating what is listed online along with tweaking the search features of our available products. Please note that you can in fact choose to pick up products in store as a shipping option. This is preferred as we would love to see your smiling face at our location as we hand you the products.

We hope that you're excited as we are to take this leap into a better digital space for all of us. See you in the next post and in the store.

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