Tax Free Weekend is Here!

by Game Knights MA

So due to Taxachusetts giving us a break on taxes this weekend we decided to hold a sale!

Our Hours for Sat & Sun:

11 AM to 5PM (both days)

Our deals:

- 20% off all Magic Singles

- $10 for 20 dollar rares (MTG)

- Indtroducing the Bargain Bin

- 15% off everything else

- No sales tax!


The Bargain Bin to clarify is a collection of products that we are looking to give the best deals we can on. Most of the products have been repriced to be close to our cost of the products. Enjoy the deals as the Bin is here to stay and will have products added to it as we see fit. You can check it out here.

Other than that enjoy utilizing the website to do your shopping! As long as you make the orders during the weekend your sale will hold true until we are able to have you come in and pick it up.

Happy Shopping!


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